Members of the Employment Group deal with the full range of employment law and related matters.
The main areas are listed on this page.

Please click on the links for a more detailed summary of the work we do in each of the main areas:

Some members of the team also deal with professional, occupational & regulatory matters and with work-related personal injury claims in the civil courts.

We specialise in Respondent work for companies, businesses, partnerships, public bodies and schools but we also carry out Claimant work (in particular for senior employees & directors).

Apart from providing assistance and representation at all stages of litigation, we also provide general advice on pro-forma contracts, internal procedures and employment status.

We provide seminars, webinars, training sessions, mock tribunals and email bulletins on employment law updates.

Our services are also available to in-house legal advisers, HR directors and other professionals by direct public access.

Unfair & Wrongful Dismissal

  • Right to make a claim (length of employment & employment status).
  • Time limits & early conciliation.
  • Acceptable reasons for dismissal (misconduct, capability, redundancy, illegal employment & some other substantial reason).
  • Fairness in the circumstances.
  • Procedural defects.
  • Automatic unfair reasons for dismissal.
  • Constructive dismissal.
  • Wrongful dismissal.


Discrimination & Equal Opportunities

  • All forms of discrimination (direct, indirect, victimisation, harassment, failure to make reasonable adjustments & discrimination arising from disability).
  • All the protected characteristics (sex, marital or civil partnership status, race, gender reassignment, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity leave, age and disability).
  • Equal Pay.
  • Claims against service providers in the civil courts.


Pay & Contracts

  • Sick pay.
  • Holiday pay.
  • Maternity pay.
  • Notice pay (& gardening leave).
  • Minimum wage claims.
  • Unlawful deductions.
  • Bonuses & commission.
  • Agency claims.


  • Transfer of an undertaking or business.
  • Service provision changes.
  • Excluded transfers (insolvency, shares & administrative functions by a public body).
  • Right of objection & consultation.
  • Assignation of rights & liabilities.
  • Unfair dismissal & redundancy.

We deal with many cases where complex employment issues arise as a result of a business transfer particularly in the context of insolvency and service provision changes by public bodies.

Restrictive Covenants & Restraint of Trade

  • Reasonableness.
  • Incorporation and severability.
  • Legitimate interests.
  • Injunctive relief.
  • Non-competition.
  • Confidential information.


Whistleblowing & Part-Time Working Protection

  • Protected disclosures.
  • Qualifying disclosures.
  • Public interest.
  • Detriments & dismissal.
  • Remedies.
  • Part-time workers regulations.

We are regularly instructed in complex preliminary hearings, trials and appeals involving whistle-blower status and the protection that may or may not arise.