Our offer and how to apply for pupillage

In the 2022 recruitment round Five Paper will be looking to take one or two fully-funded 12-month pupils to commence in October 2023.


Our pupils will receive a total of £50,000. This will include a £30,000 award, plus guaranteed earnings in the second six of £20,000.

Up to £12,000 of this may be drawn down during the preceding year in two tranches, with the balance paid in equal monthly instalments during the year.


Pupils are entitled to paid holiday of 20 days per year, with 10 days to be taken in each six-month period.

How to apply

We do not use the Pupillage Gateway. Applications should be made using our application form. Applicants are strongly advised to read Five Paper’s Pupillage Selection Policy and Pupillage Selection Criteria before completing the application form.

The Pupillage Selection Policy and Pupillage Selection Criteria will be available from 25 November 2021.

Applications should be sent by email as a Word or PDF attachment to pupillage@fivepaper.com.

We will accept applications from 5 January 2022. The deadline for applications is 14:00 on Wednesday 9 February 2022. Any application received after that date will be automatically rejected.

All candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application at each stage of the application process, and general feedback will be given. However, Five Paper does not enter into correspondence about applications, or give individual feedback at any stage.

Please note that all candidates seeking a non-practising and practising pupillage at Five Paper must apply in the manner set out above, regardless of whether you have been given dispensation to undertake a shorter pupillage or a pupillage which does not need to be advertised.

Five Paper Pupillage Application Form 2023
Five Paper Pupillage Selection Policy
Five Paper Pupillage Selection Criteria
Five Paper Pupillage Recruitment Data Policy