We are proud to be a welcoming and inclusive Chambers

The principles of equality and diversity are of the utmost importance to Five Paper. We are committed to fostering a workplace where members and staff come from diverse backgrounds, and in which everyone can flourish.

So what do we do?

  • We take our commitment seriously – see the Five Paper Equality Policy.
  • We also have an Action Plan – this contains the steps to be taken by us in the next year in order to promote fair treatment in Chambers and at the Bar.
  • All those in Chambers have regular equality and diversity training, provided by external accredited trainers.
  • We aim to make our services available to everyone.  Please contact us if there are any reasonable adjustments you need.
  • We are taking bold steps to make our pupillage recruitment process as fair as possible, and are one of very few chambers who operate a university-blind approach.

Diversity Data

Please see below the results of the Diversity Questionnaire that was distributed to a total of 51 people, including members of Chambers, pupils, clerks and staff. 47 people responded, of whom 6 did not consent to their data being published or indicated that they preferred not to complete the Diversity Questionnaire. Their data has therefore been excluded from the table below. 2 people gave general consent but did not consent to their sexual orientation or religion being published, their data has been removed from those categories as per the new Bar Standards Board rules published on 2 September 2019.



16 – 24 4
25 – 34 11
35 – 44 11
45 – 54 10
55 – 64 4
Prefer not to say 1


M 25
F 16


Yes 2
No 37
Prefer not to say 2

Ethnic Group

Asian/Asian British – Indian 3
Asian/Asian British – Other 1
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British – African 1
Mixed/multiple ethnicity – White and Asian 1
White – British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish 32
White – Irish 1
White – Other (South African) 2

Sexual orientation

Gay/Lesbian 2
Heterosexual/straight 37

First Generation University Graduate

Graduate, not first generation 19
Graduate, first generation 17
Did not attend University 5

State or fee paying school

UK State School 24
UK Independent/Fee-paying school 13
Attended school outside the UK 2
Prefer not to say 2

Primary carer for child/children under 18

Yes 15
No 26

Hours of help or support to family or others because of either ill-health/disability or problems related to old age

None 27
1 – 19 hours a week 8
20 – 49 hours a week 4
Prefer not to say 2

Religion or belief

None 19
Christian (all denominations) 13
Hindu 1
Jewish 2
Sikh 1
Prefer not to say 3