We are proud to be a welcoming and inclusive Chambers

The principles of equality and diversity are of the utmost importance to Five Paper. We are committed to fostering a workplace where members and staff come from diverse backgrounds, and in which everyone can flourish.

So what do we do?

  • We take our commitment seriously – see the Five Paper Equality Policy.
  • We also have an Action Plan – this contains the steps to be taken by us in the next year in order to promote fair treatment in Chambers and at the Bar.
  • All those in Chambers have regular equality and diversity training, provided by external accredited trainers.
  • We aim to make our services available to everyone.  Please contact us if there are any reasonable adjustments you need.
  • We are taking bold steps to make our pupillage recruitment process as fair as possible, and are one of very few chambers who operate a university-blind approach.

Recognition of our commitments

The 2015 Diversity League Table* awarded Five Paper the following rankings:

  • Awarded 4th place in the Overall Diversity League Table for Barristers’ Chambers 2015.
  • Joint 1st ranking for our Policy and Practice.
  • Awarded 3rd place for female members in Chambers with 43% of our barristers being women.
  • Ranked 6th for minority ethnic members of chambers, with 13% of Five Paper from BAME backgrounds.

2015 Diversity League Table report (Digital Edition)

*As at July 2018, the 2015 Diversity League Table was the most recent.

Diversity Data

Please see below the results of the Diversity Questionnaire that was distributed to a total of 59 people, including members of Chambers, pupils, clerks, door tenants and staff. 51 people responded, of  whom 6 did not consent to their data being published or indicated that they preferred not to complete the Diversity Questionnaire. Their data has therefore been excluded from the table below.



16 – 24 3
25 – 34 10
35 – 44 13
45 – 54 8
55 – 64 6
65+ 5


M 27
F 18


Yes 5
No 39
Prefer not to say 1

Ethnic Group

African 1
White and Asian 1
White and Black African 1
White – British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish 39
Irish 2
White – Other (South African) 1

Sexual orientation

Gay/Lesbian 5
Heterosexual/straight 40

First generation to attend University

Yes 23
No 17
Did not attend University 5

State or fee paying school

UK State School 31
UK Independent/Fee-paying school 13
Attended school outside the UK 1

Primary carer for child/children under 18

Yes 12
No 33

Hours of help or support to family or others
because of either ill-health/disability or
problems related to old age

None 31
1 – 19 hours a week 10
20 – 49 hours a week 3
Prefer not to say 1