Minott v Cambridge City Council [2022] EWCA Civ 159

18th February 2022

The consequences of the lapse of time for the purpose of a fresh homeless application

On 18 February 2022 the Court of Appeal gave its judgment on this appeal from the High Court decision relating to whether or not Cambridge City Council (CCC) were obliged to accept a fresh Part VII application from Mr Minott. CCC had provided temporarily accommodated and referred him to another local housing authority (LHA) who had accepted the referral. Mr Minott refused to leave the temporary accommodation. The appeal turned on whether the lapse of time, of six months, occasioned by Mr Minott resisting attempts to evict him from temporary accommodation gave rise to a ‘new fact’ on which he could establish normal residence (and therefore a local connection) on which he could base a fresh homeless application.  Click here to read the full article.

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