New Insolvency Rules 2016 – Morwenna Macro’s article for Insight on Westlaw has been published

14th March 2017

Morwenna’s article highlights some of the key changes heralded by this major overhaul of insolvency legislation. The significant changes include the replacement of statutory forms with prescribed content; the greater use of electronic communications and websites to deliver documents; the move away from physical creditors’ meetings and use of alternative decision-making and deemed consent together with progress reports; deemed proof of low value debts; and changes affecting office-holders in bankruptcy, including the OR becoming Trustee upon a bankruptcy order being made and the appointment of IPs as interim receivers. The changes apply from 6 April 2017 to all new insolvencies and most existing cases, with some key exceptions noted in the transitional provisions.

Please click here to view the article on the West Law website, and here for a PDF version.