Seminar: Obtaining & Enforcing Possession Orders

12th June 2023

On the 11 July Tristan Salter will be presenting a full day workshop on Obtaining & Enforcing Possession Orders & Orders for Sale РAn Advanced Guide for MBL.

Possession actions are never far from the news: evictions are on the increase as the rental market swells in demand; mortgage possessions are up as people struggle with increases in rates; the government introduces wholescale changes to the assured tenancy regime with the removal of section 21 Notices. In this space there have been piecemeal reforms which can cause confusion on the best approach to take.

This new full day in-person course will focus on how to obtain a possession order or orders for sale across all the property formats: AST, shared ownership, leaseholder and freehold.

To sign up, please see the link here.