Vinesh Mistry


Vinesh joined Five Paper in September 2022 and specialises in commercial litigation, property (including property damage) and landlord and tenant.

Prior to joining Chambers, Vinesh was an employed barrister at a number of multi-national law firms, most recently DAC Beachcroft in London. Vinesh has always provided traditional barrister services to both claimants and defendants; he appears before the County Court and the High Court in interlocutory and final hearings, advises in matters and settles pleadings. Before embarking on a career at the Bar, Vinesh was a County Court Advocate and worked as a paralegal for HMRC. His unusual entry to the Bar has allowed Vinesh to gain a unique insight into the lawyer-client dynamic, with this insight influencing his case strategy and approach. Vinesh enjoys a paper and court practice of equal strength and has been praised for his robust oral advocacy.

Having recently completed the London Duathlon, Vinesh enjoys cycling and running. Vinesh is also a fan of classical literature and his favourite book is the Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.


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